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Starting a Private School

Thinking of starting a school? Want to shape the policies and curriculum of your own school? Starting a school from scratch is not for the fainthearted. There are many challenges and pitfalls. Then you have to keep it running smoothly. We'll show you how to do both.
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Starting a Private School
Starting your own school is a dream many of us have had but few of us have actually realized. A private school is a business. It has to be planned like a business, capitalized like a business, marketed like a business and run like a business. Each one of those steps requires expertise and determination.

Building the Next Dalton
Starting a private school is never easy. Can you imagine starting one in the Big Apple? This feature by Andrew Marks in New York Magazine is a 'must read' for anybody who is even thinking about starting a school.

Establishing an Episcopal School
Establishing an Episcopal School is a publication of the National Association of Episcopal Schools. It lays out a road map for the process of starting an Episcopal school, though truthfully the advice is applicable to any new school.

Starting a Classical Christian School
The Association of Classical Christian Schools lists the steps you should take to establish a classical Christian school.

Start an Islamic School
The Islamic Schools League of America provides good advice and information for those of you thinking about starting an Islamic school.

Starting a New Montessori School
The North American Montessori Teachers Association offers detailed instructions and advice for those of you thinking about starting your own Montessori school.

Starting a Waldorf School
The Association of Waldorf Schools in North America suggests that you learn about anthrosophy if you are thinking about starting a Waldorf school. AWSNA has plenty of good advice on all the other matters which you need to consider.

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