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Private Schools

Learn More about the SSAT and ISEE Admissions Tests

Friday December 6, 2013


The ISEE and SSAT are the most commonly used admissions tests for non-parochial private schools. Students and their parents often wonder what their ISEE or SSAT scores mean and how to best prepare for these tests. Find strategies to prepare for the ISEE and SSAT and learn more about what your SSAT and ISEE scores mean.

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Preventing Kids from Smoking

Thursday December 5, 2013


Research suggests that 70% of today's adult smokers started smoking before they were 18. That means it's never too early to speak to your kids about the dangers of smoking. Here's how parents and teachers can prevent kids from smoking.

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Recognizing Depression in Teens

Thursday December 5, 2013


Experts believe that as many as 20% of teens experience depression reaching adulthood, and teen stress may be on the rise in a school culture that emphasizes standardized testing and in which students are receiving increased amounts of homework. There are ways in which parents and teachers can recognize if teens are depressed to make sure that teens get the help they need. Here's how to recognize if a teenager may be depressed and in need of help.

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A Review of "The Reason I Jump" by Naoki Higashida

Thursday December 5, 2013

Autism and autistic spectrum disorders, such as Asperger's Syndrome, are often misunderstood, and teachers in public and private schools struggle to help children with these disorders. A book called The Reason I Jump, written by a 13-year-old non-verbal Japanese boy with autism named Naoki Higashida, will help teachers and parents understand what children with autism are really feeling and thinking. The book was recently translated from Japanese by KA Yoshida with an introduction by David Mitchell. Read more about The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida.

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