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Camden Military Academy

Camden Military Academy

Photo © Camden Military Academy
Choosing a School
As you begin your search for the right school for your child, look at as many schools as you can. Make a list of all the schools which interest you. Once you have done that, make a short list and visit the schools which seem to be the best fit.

About the Schools
South Carolina offers over 238 schools which technically can be called private schools. That means they are privately funded, not funded by taxpayer dollars. Statewide there are

  • 92 Christian schools
  • 11 Episcopal schools
  • 2 Jewish schools
  • 28 Roman Catholic schools
  • 22 Montessori schools

South Carolina Private Schools lists schools which have their own websites. Use this as the starting point for your exploration of the many choices available to you.

Teacher Licensing
If you are thinking about teaching in South Carlina, check the licensing requirements carefully. Teaching licenses and credentials are not necessarily transferable from one state to another.


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