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Free Private Schools

Education should know no economic or social restrictions. These private schools are a wonderful tribute to that sentiment. Visit them virtually.

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Spotlight on Girard College
Stephen Girard did a marvellous thing when he set up Girard College over a hundred years ago. The school offers tuition free education to over 500 students mostly from the metropolitan Philadelphia area. Read what the headmaster has to say about Girard College and how it's doing these days.

De Marillac Middle School, San Francisco, CA
Located in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco, De Marillac provides a superb education for local residents, free of charge.

Epiphany School, Dorchester, MA
"Epiphany is an independent, tuition-free, middle school for children of low-income families from Boston neighborhoods."

Girard College, Philadelphia, PA
"Girard College’s singular purpose is to build a solid foundation for a successful life - equipping needy children for advanced education and life as moral, compassionate and productive people."

The Glenwood School, Glenwood, IL
"Established in 1887, Glenwood School is a year-round residential and educational community offering a high quality, affordable alternative for single parent families and families of limited means."

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Articles & Resources

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The Hadley School for the Blind, Winnetka, IL
"Single largest worldwide educator of blind and visually impaired individuals. Tuition-free."

Illinois Center for Autism, Fairview Heights, IL
"A not-for-profit, community-based, mental health treatment, and educational agency dedicated to serving people with autism. Referrals are made through local school districts, hospitals, regional special education centers, and doctors. Clients attend ICA at no cost to parents or guardians."

Milton Hershey School, Hershey, PA
"Milton Hershey School (MHS) continues to provide, at no cost, an education, housing in a student home, clothing, meals, medical/dental care, and recreational activities."

The Piney Woods School, South Piney Woods, MS
"Recognizes that throughout the United States there are students, especially African-American students, who have the capability to make their lives extraordinary through excellence in education and the development of moral and ethical attitudes but do not have the opportunity to do so for financial or other reasons." 7-12. Coed. Boarding.  Not quite free but worth including nonetheless!

Regis High School, New York, NY
"Regis was founded in 1914 by the Society of Jesus as a tuition-free school for Catholic boys through the benefaction of the widow of a prominent New Yorker. All students receive full-tuition scholarships and pay only laboratory and activity fees, which are adjusted annually."

South Dakota School for the Deaf, Sioux Falls
"The South Dakota School for the Deaf is the statewide resource for the education of children who are deaf or hard of hearing in the state of South Dakota."

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