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29,000 K-12 private schools offer just about every education option you can imagine. These pages make it easy to find schools by type and location. Browse all the choices in your area or further afield. Visit schools virtually. Explore their photo galleries. Get an overview and sense of what they offer.
  1. U.S. Schools
  2. Types of Schools
  3. Top Schools
  4. Canadian Schools
  5. International Schools

U.S. Schools

Newton Country Day School

It's fast and easy to find out more about individual schools by exploring their websites. Many of them have video tours. You can also request information online. These listings feature data and information about schools together with your guide's comments.

Types of Schools

Camden Military Academy

Private schools are able to customize their services according to the clientele they wish to serve. If you need a military school or a school with a great riding program, you will be able to find a number of options.

Top Schools

Paul Mellon Arts Center at Choate Rosemary Hall

While it is virtually impossible to rank private schools, you can still determine which schools are top schools. These usually are the most selective schools. They can pick and choose who they will accept. They have many more applicants than places which they are able to offer.

Canadian Schools

Stanstead College

Canadian schools prepare graduates for admission to colleges and universities worldwide using curricula and testing are similar to those found in American schools.

International Schools

Unidad Basica UPAEP Plantel Santiago 1, Puebla, Mexico

Are they thinking of assigning you to the London office? Don't panic. There are plenty of options abroad for your school age children. It will be a great adventure with schools being the least of your worries.

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