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School Profiles

Each profile includes admissions data and information as well as comments from your guide.

Arts Schools
There are just a handful of private schools in the United States which are devoted exclusively to the arts and the performing arts. They combine artistic training with serious academics.

Free Schools
Education should know no economic or social restrictions. These free private schools are a wonderful tribute to that sentiment.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Schools
Schools which offer the International Baccalaureate program adhere to strict international standards.

Military Schools
Many of our finest and most brilliant military leaders have gotten their start at one of these fine institutions.

Progressive Schools
Approximately 50 schools carry the progressive banner which, among other things abhors standardized testing in just about any form.

Religious Schools
Many parents want their children to be educated in a school where their religious beliefs are a focal point rather than just an add-on. There are plenty of schools to accommodate every religious requirement.

Riding Schools
Whether you are looking for English or western style riding schools, you will find some pretty fine schools on this list.

Rowing Schools
Several dozen private schools in the northeast offer rowing as a sport. Many have been doing it for years and compete regionally and nationally in the spring and fall regattas.

Schools For Learning Disabilities
Children diagnosed with dyslexia, ADD/ADHD and other learning disabilities need skilled instruction. They thrive in schools staffed by teachers trained in remediating those learning disabilities.

Top Boarding Schools
Top is a relative term. These boarding schools can be considered top schools because they are so highly sought after. Every year they receive far more applicants than they can possibly accept. Each link takes you to a detailed profile with admissions data and a brief history of the school as well as your guide's comments on each school.

Top Canadian Hockey Schools
If your young person is thinking about becoming a professional hockey player, what better place to go to school than in the land of Gretsky and Richard?

Top New York City Schools
Parents looking for private schools in New York City have many choices. The following day schools offer 9th-12th grades with low student to faculty ratios, challenging curricula and excellent reputations for college prep. The schools are coed unless otherwise noted. Many offer early grades as well.

Types of Private Schools
The various types of public schools and the differences between them including independent schools, Waldorf, Montessori, Christian, and other private schools.

University of Chicago Laboratory Schools
A profile of the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, founded by John Dewey.

Albuquerque Academy
A profile of Albuquerque Academy, a 6-12 independent school in New Mexico.

A Profile of Harbor Day School
A profile of the Harbor Day School, a non-sectarian K-8 independent school in Corona del Mar, California.

Profile of Punahou School
A profile of the Punahou School, a private school in Honolulu, Hawaii.

JFK at Choate
An account of JFK's years at Choate.

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