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Affording a Private School

Affording a Private School offers help, advice and guidance with paying for private school.
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Can I Get Financial Aid?
Can I Get Financial Aid?

3 Myths about Paying for Private School
There are many myths about paying for private schools; the first myth to bust is that you can't get financial aid.

Financing a Private School Education
Three ways to finance a private school education are to pay cash, take out a loan or win a scholarship. But there are two more ways to finance it. More here.

Free Schools
Education should know no economic or social restrictions. These private schools are a wonderful tribute to that sentiment.

How Can I Pay for a Private School Education?
When it comes to paying for a private school education, you have several options open to you. The most important advice is simple: always ask. If you need financial aid, ask. If you feel you deserve a discount because you have several children at the school, ask.

Private Schools that Are Affordable for the Middle Class
How middle-class families can afford private-school tuition.

How Do Private Schools Determine Financial Aid?
The process by which private schools determine how to award financial aid.

How Do I Apply for Financial Aid?
The Parents' Financial Statement must be completed in order to be considered for financial aid at all NAIS member schools. A similar document must be submitted at most other private and independent schools which are not NAIS members. Here's what to expect and how to do it.

How to Finance a Private School Education
Follow these simple steps to finance a private school education.

Paying for Private School in Tough Times
Many parents are finding themselves in the awkward position of not having the ability to pay private school tuition. I asked Dr. Wendy Weiner, Principal of Conservatory Prep Senior High in Davie, Florida to answer some of the questions parents have.

Paying For Private School
Here's how to pay for your child's education. A variety of possibilities including scholarships, loans and tuition free schools.

Preparing for the Admission Notification and Financial Aid Letter
It's the day you have been waiting for. Admissions letter are mailed by many schools in mid-March. Brian Fisher of AdmissionsQuest tells you how to prepare for the admission notification and financial aid letter.

Private School Tuition Loans
Private school tuition loans offer families a low cost way of financing their children's private school education.

There's more to paying for private school than just paying for the tuition. The small charges for various items and services which may or may not recur on a monthly basis are known as sundries.

What Are Vouchers?
Vouchers are a method of giving parents' options for educating their children.

Paying Private School Tuitions
Learn ways to find financial aid for private school tuition.

How to Apply for Financial Aid
A description of how parents apply for need-based and merit financial aid at private schools.

Financial Aid 101
A description of how parents can apply for financial aid for private school.

Should Private Schools Be More Expensive?
A former Groton School fundraiser proposes a new method of pricing for private schools in which families pay different tuitions depending on what they can afford.

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