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Choosing a Private School

Which school is right for your child? How do you find the best school? Answers to these questions and plenty of experienced advice and help with choosing a private school here.
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Can I Get Financial Aid?
Can I Get Financial Aid?

Single Sex Education Advantages
Single sex education is a tiny part of American private education. What, if any, are the advantages of single sex education over coeducation? Do boys and girls learn better when educated separately? Here are some facts for you to ponder as you explore this option as you choose a school for your child.

Can I Choose A School On My Own?
Unless you teach or work in a private school and know something about schools, you are probably best seeking professional assistance. Too much is at stake.

Private vs Public Schools
This comparison of private and public schools looks at factors such as cost, college preparation, accreditation, discipline, teacher certification and more.

Thinking About Private School?
You want something more for your child. Maybe private school is the way to go. Let's explore your options.

A Time Line for the School Search Process
Choosing a private school is a process with many steps and tasks. Some of them are quick and easy to do. Others take a bit more time and effort.

Where Do I Begin?
We help you organize choosing a school. There are a lot of steps to the process but it becomes easier once you know what needs to be done.

Five Major Differences Between Public and Private Schools
How to choose whether your child should attend public or private school.

Why Choose A Single-Sex School
A description of single-sex private schools.

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