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Ontario Private Schools Index

Most of the private schools in Ontario are clustered in the southern part of the province. They are easily accessed via Toronto or Hamilton airports.
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Ranking Canadian Schools: Report From Ontario
The Fraser Institute has reports on several provinces' education systems. Here's the one on Ontario.

Toronto Schools
The queen city of Canada, Toronto boasts a wide and complete range of education offerings. Some of the finest private high schools in the country can be found here. Toronto is also within a 2 hour flight of most major American cities, making it a viable option for parents thinking about a boarding school 'abroad'.

Canadian Educational Standards Institute
The Canadian Educational Standards Institute promotes educational excellence in private schools through a rigorous inspection of schools.

The Conference of Independent Schools (Ontario)
The Conference of Independent Schools is a trade association of independent and private schools in the province of Ontario.

Ontario Admission Testing Consortium
The Ontario Admission Testing Consortium serves applicants and families by collaborating in matters related to the admission process and testing.

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