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A Tour of Boston Area Schools


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Denominational Schools
Cambridge Friends School

Cambridge Friends School

Photo © Cambridge Friends School
Brooks School, North Andover
Religious affiliation: Episcopal
Grades: 9-12
School Type: Coeducational, day/boarding school
Comments: Brooks School offers rigorous academics as befits a selective school. A wide range of sports including crew and hockey and lots of extracurricular activities round out the picture. 70% of Brooks students board.

Cambridge Friends School, Cambridge
Religious affiliation: Quaker
Grades: PK-8
School Type: Coeducational, day school
Comments: Cambridge Friends School is the only Quaker school in Massachusetts. Diversity is very important at CFS. Antihomophobia and antiracist education are integral parts of the CFS curriculum. As you'd imagine, CFS has high quality academics taught by a highly-qualified, experienced faculty.

Epiphany School, Dorchester
Religious affiliation: Episcopal
Grades: 5-8
School Type: Coeducational, day school
Comments: Epiphany School provides tuition free schooling for children from economically disadvantaged families living in Boston neighborhoods.

Lexington Christian Academy, Lexington
Religious affiliation: Christian
Grades: 6-12
School Type: Coeducational, day school
Comments: Lexington Christian Academy was founded in 1946. It offers a college preparatory curriculum rooted in core Christian values. The school has about 350 students.

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