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A Tour of Boston Area Schools


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Special Needs Schools
Special Needs Schools

A Little Extra Attention

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These schools offer specialized instruction for children with learning difficulties and other special needs.

The Carroll School, Lincoln
The Carroll School serves elementary and middle school students who have diagnosed language-based learning difficulties such as dyslexia. The school uses the Orton-Gillingham approach to reading.

Chapel Hill-Chauncey School, Waltham
Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall offers programs for students diagnosed with ADD and ADHD as well as dyslexia. The school was founded in 1828 and offers a full college preparatory program.

The Children’s Center for Communication, Beverly
The Children’s Center for Communication is the new name for the organization which includes Beverly School for the Deaf. It offers comprehensive programs for hear-impaired students from age 3-22. It also provides support and training for parents and families of hearing-impaired students.

The Cotting School, Lexington
The Cotting School is a special needs school which can handle just about every special requirement. The school was founded by two doctors. It accommodates mild to severe learning disabilities as well as complex medical conditions.

Holden School, Boston
Holden School merged with the Compass organization in 2007. This special needs school offers alternative and special schooling for students who are not served adequately by other programs.

Landmark School, Prides Crossing
The Landmark School is a special needs school offering programs for students with language-based learning difficulties. Prides Crossing is one of two north shore campuses.

Special Needs Schools

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