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Readers Respond: What Was Your School Like?

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If you attended one of these schools or any other private school for that matter, we'd love to hear about your experiences. What did you like about the school? What didn't you like? Would you send your children there? Can you recommend it to others? Is there anything else you'd like to share?

McCallie School

McCallie School is a fine school that is just as great as some of the more prestigious schools in the Northeast.
—Guest McCallie Student

Deerfield Academy

All of these schools are amazing and it is really hard to compare them academically. If DA has something that the others don't have, it is the sense of community.
—Guest Deerfield student

Correct Deerfield Founding Date

Deerfield is one of the oldest prep schools in the country. It was established in 1797, not 1902.
—Guest Deerfield Grad

Peddie Experience

During my two daughters' high school experience, Peddie repeatedly demonstrated that it was a warm, caring, nurturing enviroment which encouraged individual growth in all of its students. The teachers, coaches, advisors, administrators and every employee fostered feelings of family and supported learning from every conceivable perspective. The small classses may be found in any great school, but Peddie teachers go out of their way to make their students enjoy learning and accepting of the inevitable risks of failing to learn on occasion. Teaching did not stop with the classroom. The coaches, even of nationally competitive teams, worked to include and improve their players and athletes. The students and athletes with each other promoted individual growth by mentoring and providing role models. From the dining hall to the study hall, Peddie delivered an enriching experience for our daughters. Thanks to the challenging workload and Peddie community, the college years have equally happy.
—Guest Sokol family

I went to Groton

My experience is bracing: challenging classes, very attentive teachers, strong competitive athletics at a time when such sports were very high in priority. I graduated in 1963, so I expect that the school -- and all old New England boarding schools -- are quite different now.
—Guest Peter Rousmaniere

Peddie School

The Peddie School was an all around exceptional experience. The small class size and creative engaging faculty led to a stimulating and challenging academics. Peddie fosters a real sense of community and spirit, through athletics, theater, the arts, chapel and family style dinners. Peddie made the transition to college a breeze, and layed the foundation for a successful career and a truly rewarding life. A la viva Falcons!
—Guest Katie W.

I went (and now work) at Peddie

I graduated from Peddie in the 80's when it was a good school. Have now worked at Peddie for the last two decades to see it transform into a great school which continues to move forward while staying humble and true to its roots of being a student-centered place. Along the educational roadway, Peddie strives to empower each student to move as far along that road as he or she can. Peddie seeks to challenge each student both in and out of the classroom and to graduate students who could be the leaders of tomorrow's world while still being sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. Peddie was a tremendous experience for me as a student and even a better one for me as a teacher.
—Guest Mark Gartner

My Experience at Peddie was Phenomenal

Peddie truly transformed my life. Now that I'm a senior at Harvard University, getting ready to graduate, I do quite a lot of introspection, and without question, Peddie played a large role in my development -- it gave me a nurturing environment with passionate and caring teachers that I still keep in contact with, students from different backgrounds that challenge you and teach you so much about life, and incredible academic resources (new History building, state of the art Science lab, Summer Signature Experience, etc.)..my Peddie experience included among many things: a class on Malcolm X, a Model UN conference in PA, playing golf for the first time, and interviewing the Heads of States of several West African countries for my Summer Signature Experience project on Democracy and the Chieftaincy System...you will get a strong academic experience at any top school, but what distinguishes Peddie in my view is the nurturing community, the progressive values, and the innovative pedagogy
—Guest Sangu Delle

Peddie School

I went to Peddie. My experience at Peddie was PHENOMENAL!! I grew up in West Philadelphia and I attended local public schools so I wasn't challenged academically. When I arrived at Peddie, the challenge was on. The academic standards are incredibly high but the faculty and staff are committed to helping everyone succeed. The academic and athletic facilities are state of the art. There were times when professional lacrosse teams practiced at the indoor turf rink which was incredible to watch. Another great thing about Peddie is its diversity. The students are from all over the world and the staff comes from various professional backgrounds. I have finished college and I am a working professional so I have experienced many good things since Peddie. Even still, the four years I spent at Peddie were hands down the best four years of my life. Steady Old Peddie... Class of 2000!
—Guest Monique S.

I went to Peddie

I went to the Peddie School and it was the best choice I have ever made to this day. The experiences and friendships I had there I will never forget. I had never been in a place where other people, including the faculty, cared so much about each other. The history and traditions that come with Peddie are unlike any other. From Blair Day to Vespers I enjoyed every moment I spent at Peddie. The administration is exceptional and they really care and listen to the students needs and concerns. There are endless opportunities at Peddie, many I took advantage of that changed my outlook on life. The academics are difficult but it prepares you for college and the teachers are there to support you
—Guest Connor

Peddie School

I am a recent graduate of the Peddie School. I had an amazing experience, and was very well-prepared for college. The faculty are truly masters of teaching, and the sense of community the school fosters made Peddie feel like home.
—Guest Falcon

Milton Academy - A Different Perspective

I found Milton students, faculty, and staff to be tolerant, intelligent, honest, funny, and kind. Conversations within and outside of the classroom were frequent and lively, yet respectful. The coursework was demanding, the level of discussion - whether of literature or current events - always high. Students tried hard to minimize the effect of socioeconomic differences on their social lives, precociously demonstrating the kind of tact that often evaded my classmates at Harvard. Perhaps my favorite aspect of my Milton experience was, however, the wealth of creative talent displayed by my classmates. Every class had conservatory-level dancers, choreographers, orators, actors, playwrights, directors, technicians, classical and jazz instrumentalists, singers of all stripes, painters, sculptors, and writers; some came to Milton with their talent already in hand, but many of them discovered and nurtured their passions during those precious years. I encourage everyone to apply to Milton.
—Guest A happy Miltonian

sad school

I went to Notre Dame Academy in Carmel Valley in San Diego. After more then 20 teachers left, my parents decided to pull me from the school. The administration seemed to change their mind to help who they wanted. The Sisters there seemed to lie about what really happened.
—Guest spencer

I went to Miss Porter's School

My experience at Miss Porter's School was fantastic. I felt very well prepared for college. The faculty was excellent and gave us the freedom to truly discover ourselves. The atmosphere was very tolerant. It is a wonderful school.
—Guest Sophie Cue

I went to Milton Academy

My experience was terrible. The administration is biased and will go very far (sic) their numerous scandals. A black girl was expelled for a panty raid. A white boy used racial slurs, but didn't even get a scratch on his record. This goes along with at least 10 other cases including the expulsion of a Hispanic student. I was also a victim of this unfairness.
—Guest Anonymous

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