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Readers Respond: What Was Your School Like?

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PEA Alumni

I attended Exeter from 1998-2002 on scholarship. I did not, or rather, could not comprehend the blessing bestowed upon me by attending Exeter until fairly recently. Exeter is a wonderful school. But what really makes it special is the exposure a student like me can get at a school like Exeter. Before attending Exeter, I had no idea of what was inside of me. Exeter taught me that not only was I an extraordinary bright person, but also destined to do great things for this world. "Non Sibi" all the way!!!
—Guest Exonian

Kudos for Denver Academy

We were lucky to live in a state with a great school for students with learning differences--Denver Academy. It provides small class size, individualized education and positive instruction to students everyday. It is the best LD school west of the Mississippi!
—Guest Karen Lozow

Schools for Learning Disabilities

Some "Special" LD schools are GREAT and some are AWFUL!! My son has been to 3 LD schools in the area. ______ was (is) a HORRIBLE experience. The other extreme is TRIAD ACADEMY!! It is BY FAR the VERY BEST!! My son (now 18 yrs old) has finally experienced teachers and staff who TRULY understand learning differences.
—Guest Mrs. Lucas (Parent)

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