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Readers Respond: Do You Think Single Sex Education Is Better Than Coeducation?

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For Single Sex Education

There is an article in the magazine "The Instructor" by Scholastic. Read that and the ones who said No may want to rethink your answer. There are other articles out there about how the average school is set up to support females in general. I have both a boy and a girl and I can tell you it's apples and oranges. If I put my son back in school I know he will thrive in an all male school because the school would understand he learns differently. For their social life, they have me, church,camp and sports. So interacting with females would not be a problem.

Against Single Sex Education

For the same reasons guests Jim and Bri said: you need to communicate with the opposite sex or the world will be categorized black/white male/female. Which is more important? Being a bit smarter or the world being closer together?
—Guest shad

For Single Sex Schools

I agree that single sex schools and work places are better than coeducation. The evidence is in Saudi Arabia where only in hospitals there is mix between male and female but females are covered.
—Guest Hani


I strongly disagree with this statement for various reasons. Boys don't know how to communicate with girls. People have fought for years for the equality of people and non-segregation of the school system. Separating sex's diminishes what everyone has done in all instances. Boys have their advantages over girls and girls over boys. Are we going to separate the work place because women and men don't work the same way? I didn't think so!
—Guest bri

For Single Sex Schools

I believe that seperating girls and boys for some subjects definitely has its advantages. Research does indicate that boys and girls learn differently, God did NOT make us all the same. As for the comments about learning to communicate with one another, there's plenty of time for that as children get older. Plus, if children have siblings and if family relationships exist, then girls learn by interacting with brothers and their fathers and boys by their interactions with their sisters and mothers!
—Guest RL

Girls have a chance

I thing all-girl schools are good. It allows girls to feel free and able to work without distractions.
—Guest guest justine

Against Single Sex Schools

I think this is messed up. We should stay together because if you keep us together it helps communicate with the opposite sex. This is very important for the future. Furthermore I believe that girls can help guys strive to do better.
—Guest jim

Against Single Sex Schools

We should be able to communicate with each other and be friends with each other. I think that boys can learn better with girls because if a guy needs help then he can just ask a girl that understands it. Girls can go to a guy for help if they ever need it.
—Guest george

Girls Have a Right

I do think all girls schools are better. Girls will not have to have any pressure on them over how they look or think or feel. Girls will have a chance to be themselves without trying to impress boys. Girls have more needs than boys. In an all girls school she can tell or ask any of her peers or teachers for help.
—Guest Girls have a right to learn!

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