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Private Schools: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Top 12 Boarding Schools in the United States
Most of America's top boarding schools have far more applicants than they have places. They enjoy well-deserved reputations for superb academics, excellent athletic programs and, in most cases, campus facilities and amenities surpassing those at many colleges.
The 10 Steps to Starting Your Own Private School
Starting a private school is a lengthy, complicated process. Fortunately for you there's absolutely no need to re-invent the wheel. Hundreds of people before you have started schools. You can learn from their success and missteps. Here's how to start a private school.
The Top New York City Schools: Admissions Data...
New York City has over three hundred of private high schools. Only a few are top schools. What makes a top school? Challenging curriculum, low teacher to student ratio, high admissions standards and a clear vision of the school's purpose.
Is Single Sex Education Better Than Co-education?
Single sex education has many advantages. Single sex education fell out of fashion in the 1970's. It's enjoying a renewed popularity as people discover the advantages of single sex education. We look at the pros and cons of attending a single sex private school.
Five Common Private School Interview Questions...
A description of five common questions private school admissions committees ask in the interview.
What You Should Know About Montessori Schools
What's the definition of a Montessori school? By definition a Montessori school is a school which follows the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori. Montessori schools are very popular in the U.S. where there are over 8,500 Montessori schools.
Which Is Better? Private and Public Schools...
What are the differences when you compare private and public schools? Facilities, class size, teaching, budgets and administrative support are few of the issues to be considered.
How Much Do Private School Teachers Make?
Compensation in private schools is just like compensation in any other sector. It's all over the ball park. Some private schools pay very well. Others pay poorly. We take a look at private school teacher salaries and offer some resources to assist your research.
Cell Phones in Schools: Nuisance or Necessity?
New York City Schools Chancellor Richard Green banned cell phone use in 1988. That was before 9/11. In April 2006 Mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered that the ban on cellphones be enforced. Public school parents are outraged and several are suing. On the other hand most private schools permit cell phones provided certain conditions of use are met.
How Does Montessori Compare with Waldorf?
What are the differences between a Montessori school and a Waldorf school? Montessori vs Waldorf - how do they compare?
Comparison of Private and Public Schools
This comparison of private and public schools looks at factors such as cost, college preparation, accreditation, discipline, teacher certification and more.
5 Reasons to Attend Private High School
Why would you want to send your child to a private high school? Consider these five reasons why that might be an idea worth a closer look.
5 More Reasons Why You Should Consider Private...
5 Reasons to Go to Private School lays out some of the popular reasons why parents look at private school as an education option for their children. This list offers some other reasons why you should consider private school.
3 Top Reasons Why Students Cheat
Gary Niels is Head of Winchester Thurston School in Pittsburgh and the author of a very useful paper on cheating entitled Academic Practices, School Culture and Cheating Behavior. I am grateful to him for answering my questions. This is Part One of the interview with Mr. Niels. Page 2.
2 Reasons for Banning Corporal Punishment
There are still states which permit corporal punishment in their schools. The United States is the only first world nation which still permits corporal punishment. Here are two reasons why corporal punishment should be banned in the United States.
10 Boarding Schools for Under \$20,000
Many boarding schools charge tuition of more than $40,000 a year. Here are 10 schools which charge half as much.
The Best Kinds of Schools for Children with...
How to find the right school for a child with Asperger's Syndrome or High-Functioning Autism.
Do Private Schools Require Teachers to be...
Many private schools will waive teacher certification in order to attract gifted or experienced individuals who are not trained teachers. The schools reason that they would rather have a person teach a subject about which he is passionate and highly knowledgeable than have a trained teacher just going through the motions.
4 Advantages of Single-Sex Schools
Four advantages of single-sex schools.
Promoting Your School
Your school has a Web site which has been professionally designed. It's a wonderful complement to your catalog and video. They are public relations masterpieces. Now all you have to do is just wait for the admissions inquiries and referrals from consultants to roll in, right? Not exactly. There are several things you can do to optimize your marketing efforts and your Web site.
Headmasters' Compensation
Which headmaster is paid the most? Like most things, it depends. Cash salary is just one component in most headmasters' compensation packages.
What Is Progressive Education?
What is progressive education? Essentially it is a reaction against the traditional style of teaching which teaches facts largely at the expense of understanding what is being taught.
Do You Know a Good SSAT or ISEE Score?
A description of how the SSAT and ISEE are scored.
How to Prepare for Private School Interviews
This article helps parents and students prepare for the interview that is an important part of the private school admissions process. The article talks about ways in which parents and students can prepare without stress or over-coaching, and it mentions some common pitfalls that they should avoid.
Teaching - The Difference Between Private and...
The essential difference between public and private schools is discipline. A public school has to engage in due process in order to discipline a student. A private school can discipline a student based on the contractual or legal relationship between parent and school. More here. Page 2.
5 Things You Can Do to Help Make Your School...
Creating green schools takes imagination, awareness and effort. Here are five things we all can do to make our schools green.
Private Schools Finder - Private Schools in the...
Find private K-12 schools in the U.S. by clicking on a map.
Schools For Learning Disabilities
Children diagnosed with dyslexia, ADD/ADHD and other learning disabilities thrive in schools with teachers trained to remediate those learning disabilities. These are your guide's picks of the hundreds of schools which offer programs for learning differences.
Students' Rights
When you attend a private school, your rights are not the same as they were in public school. Why? Because you are covered by contract law, not the constitution.
The Postgraduate Year
Many students and parents like the idea of an extra school year before heading off to college. Known as the PG or Postgraduate Year, it offers students a little extra time to develop academic and athletic skills as well as to grow up a bit.
What Do Private School Teachers Earn?
An explanation of what private school teachers and administrators earn.
Private School Uniforms and Dress Codes
Private schools have had uniforms and dress codes for generations. We explore the pros and cons of uniforms and dress codes as well as their history.
Private Schools in a Minute
An overview of private schools in a minute. Quick Facts and Stats.
Paying Private School Tuitions
Learn ways to find financial aid for private school tuition.
Choate Rosemary Hall: Admissions Data and...
This profile of Choate Rosemary Hall includes admissions data and other information about the school. Choate Rosemary Hall was founded in 1890.
5 Tips for Writing an Effective Cover Letter
An effective cover letter is a critical part of the private school job search process. Get it right and you stand a good chance at being interviewed. Get it wrong and your resume ends up in the circular file. Here are five tips to help you nail this process.
A Tour of Boston Area Schools
Boston has several special needs schools capable of handling a variety of learning difference and other issues. Page 3.
What is a Boarding School?
Private schools fall in two basic categories: boarding and day schools. A boarding school is a residential school where students actually live on campus.
Should Cell Phones Be Allowed in Schools?
The debate over whether cell phones should be allowed in schools.
Equestrian Schools
Several private schools have equestrian facilities which rival some of the best in the world. If your child is an rider, you will want to consider these equestrian schools.
5 Things to Avoid at the Admissions Interview
The admissions interview can be a nerve-wracking experience for most of us. Here are a couple of suggestions about things you really ought not to do or say on that occasion.
5 Ways to Pay for Private School
Three ways to finance a private school education are to pay cash, take out a loan or win a scholarship. But there are two more ways to finance it.
What Do Wechsler Intelligence Tests Measure?
A description of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC), often used in private school admissions, and what it measures — and does not measure.
3 Common Cheating Strategies
Gary Niels is Head of Winston Thurston School in Pittsburgh and the author of a very useful paper on cheating entitled Academic Practices, School Culture and Cheating Behavior. I am grateful to him for answering my questions. This is Part Two of the interview with Mr. Niels. Page 3.
5 Ways to Prevent Cheating
Gary Niels is Head of Winston Thurston School in Pittsburgh and the author of a very useful paper on cheating entitled Academic Practices, School Culture and Cheating Behavior. I am grateful to him for answering my questions. This is Part Three of the interview with Mr. Niels. Page 4.
Why Choose A Single-Sex School
A description of single-sex private schools.
10 Facts About Military Schools
If you are looking at private school for your son or daughter, military school is one option worth considering particularly if you are considering a boarding school. Here are some facts about military schools to help you make that decision.
How to Write the Parent’s Statement
How parents can write their statement on private school applications.
What is A Montessori School?
A description of Montessori schools and their methods.
Le Rosey: The Most Expensive School in the World
A description of Le Rosey, the most expensive school in the world.
Fostering Cultural Diversity in Your School
Fostering cultural diversity in a school community is a process. A proactive school leadership sets the tone. Leading by example allows diversity to trickle down through faculty, staff and students. Ignore diversity at your peril in our multicultural, pluralistic global society.
What's the difference between a 'private'...
What's the difference between a 'private' school and an 'independent' school?
Five Major Differences Between Public and...
How to choose whether your child should attend public or private school.
Interview Questions for Private School Admissions
Common questions that applicants can practice to prepare for admissions interviews at private schools.
Which School Did Bill Gates Attend?
If you ever wondered which private school Prince Harry attended or where Bill Gates went, here are the answers.
Single Sex Education Advantages
Single sex education is a tiny part of American private education. What, if any, are the advantages of single sex education over coeducation? Do boys and girls learn better when educated separately? Here are some facts for you to ponder as you explore this option as you choose a school for your child.
Private School Admissions Tests
There are several different types of admissions tests. The tests determine readiness for college prep studies most private high schools offer.
10 Facts About Private Schools
If you are considering sending your child to private school, this data and information will answer some of the important questions.
The Advantages of a Boarding School Education
A study carried out by The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) validates the advantages of a boarding school education.
Myths About Teaching in a Private School
Some people think that you have to wear an academic gown when you teach at a private school. At least that's the impression you get when you watch the Harry Potter movies. That's just one misconception people have about teaching in a private school. Myths abound concerning teacher salaries, teacher certification, faculty housing, same sex partners and the impression that private schools are elitist. Let's find out the facts. Page 4.
What Are Vouchers?
What are private school vouchers? The school choice debate revolves around the issuance of vouchers or scholarships for students to attend non-public schools.
How To Become a Private School Teacher
Want to become a private school teacher? Follow these steps and you will be well on your way.
Memory Tips for Students
Strategies to help students increase their memory of material.
Free Private Schools
Ideally education should have no economic or social restrictions. These private schools are a wonderful tribute to that sentiment.
How to Pick the Best Private School
This article describes the criteria parents and students should look for in choosing a private school. The article guides parents and students to ways in which they can get beyond the tour and truly understand the hidden features and culture of a private school that they are considering.
Teaching - 4 Reasons to Teach in a Private School
Teaching in a private school has one major advantage over teaching in a public school. You can teach without being a traffic cop or coping with layers of bureaucracy and rules. The school treats you as a professional and fosters a climate in which you can do your job. There are other reasons why you should consider teaching in a private school.
Top 10 Myths About Private Schools
It's easy to say that private schools are only for rich kids. But that's simply not true. Here are the top 10 myths about private schools.
Phillips Exeter Academy: Admissions Data and...
This profile of Phillips Exeter Academy includes admissions data and other information about the school. Phillips Academy Exeter was founded in 1781. Located in the quaint colonial town of Exeter in southern New Hampshire, the school enjoys a fine reputation as one of America's top three private schools.
A Better Chance
Since 1963, the scholarship organization A Better Chance has helped 13,000 students attend college-prep private and public schools across the nation.
Resumes for Private School Teaching Jobs
How to write a resume targeted to a private school teaching job.
Hockey Schools in Canada
Hockey and prep schools go together like ice and a puck. A terrific combination! If your child is serious about playing professional hockey some day, then you need to consider a prep school. This list of Canadian hockey schools is by no means exclusive. Consider it a starting point in your search for the right school north of the border.
Types Of Private Schools
Private schools come in all shapes and sizes. Here are the types of schools and the differences between them including independent schools, Waldorf, Montessori, Christian and other types of private schools.
AP & IB - A Matter of Excellence
Advanced Placement courses offer students the opportunity to explore subjects in greater depth than normal course offerings. Most universities recognize a high score in AP exams as the equivalent of first year college course work. Schools which offer the International Baccalaureate follow a rigorous program of studies which leads to a diploma internationally recognized. Both programs are the creme de la creme of secondary education.
What Do Private School Admissions Committees...
A description of what private school admissions committees want in their candidates.
The Hotchkiss School: Admissions Data and...
This profile of The Hotchkiss School includes admissions data and other information about the school. The Hotchkiss School was founded in 1891.
The Advantages of a Boys' School
There are several advantages to a boys' school. Boys thrive in an academic setting where they can be themselves. Conformity gives way to individuality. Curiosity about the arts, drama and languages thrives in an environment where such activities are acceptable. Geeks and jocks live in harmony. That's the theory. Let's examine how it plays out in actual practice.
Starting a School
Drawing up a budget and developing a financial plan are essential steps to starting your own private school. Doug Halladay shows you how to proceed. Page 5.
Why Teach at an Independent School?
Why would you teach at an independent school as opposed to a public school? Here is what one teacher has to say. Page 3.
How to Get Learning Accommodations at Private...
How parents can get accommodations for their children with learning disabilities at private school.
Setting Up A LAN for a Small School
Small schools have limited resources and personnel to implement technology plans. Here's a simple plan to set up a LAN (Local Area Network) in your school.
The Lawrenceville School: Admissions Data and...
This profile of The Lawrenceville School includes admissions data and other information about the school. The Lawrenceville School was founded in 1810.
How Private Schools Raise Money
How and why private schools ask for donations.
Deerfield Academy
This profile of Deerfield Academy includes admissions data and other information about the school. Deerfield Academy was founded in 1797.
An Interview with Jordan Riak on Corporal...
Jordan Riak is the Executive Director of Project NoSpank, an organization which is dedicated to the eradication of corporal punishment in our schools. I am grateful to him for answering my questions. Page 2.
St. Paul's School - Admissions Data and Profile...
This profile of St. Paul's School includes admissions data and other information about the school. St. Paul's School was founded in 1856.
Maria Montessori
Maria Montessori was a radical in a time when women were not expected to be radical. Her belief that we should educate children by 'following the child' revolutionized primary education and spawned a worldwide movement based on her enlightened teachings.
Peddie School, Hightstown, NJ
This profile of Peddie School includes admissions data and other information about the school. Peddie School was founded in 1864. Page 4.
Military Schools
There are over 30 private military high schools in the United States. If your son or daughter dreams of a military career, several of these fine military schools should be on your list of private schools to consider.
Is Technology the Answer to our Education...
Computers were supposed to revolutionize teaching. They were supposed to improve results and stimulate learning. Have they done that? Is educational technology the answer?
5 Ways to Catch Cheaters
Students have gotten increasingly sophisticated at cheating. We look at five things a teacher can do to catch cheating in his classes. Page 5.
JFK at Choate
John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, attended Choate, a boarding and day school in Wallingford, Connecticut, during his high school years
How to Prepare for Admissions Tests
How to prepare for and take the common admissions tests for private schools, including the ISEE, SSAT, and TACHS or COOP.
Ten 10 Most Commonly Produced School Plays
Which plays are most often produced in schools--and why school drama teachers run into controversy.
How to Choose a Special Education School
How to choose and evaluate a special education school for your child.
Arts Schools
Only a handful of private schools in the United States are devoted exclusively to the arts and the performing arts. Most of them integrate artistic training with rigorous academics. If your child is gifted in the arts, be sure to explore some of these fine schools.
Private Schools in Portland, Oregon
A description of private schools in Portland, Oregon.
Is Accreditation Necessary?
Is accreditation necessary? Should you send your child to an unaccredited school? What is accreditation anyway? We answer these questions and more.
IB Schools
A small number of private schools in the U.S. offer the IB or International Baccalaureate program. The International Baccalaureate is recognized at colleges and universities worldwide.
Cheating 101 for Private Schools
Cheating is rampant in our high schools and colleges. To understand the issue, the root causes and the solutions we explore cheating in depth in this five part feature. Gary Niels, the author of a highly acclaimed paper on cheating and Head of Winston Thurston School in Pittsburgh, weighs in with his views on the subject. Pay attention to this issue. It's not going away.
An Explanation of Wechsler Tests
What is the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children? It is an intelligence test commonly administered to children in 4th through 9th grades.
Teaching Jobs Wanted
Listings by professionals seeking teaching jobs in private schools.
The Benefits of Attending a Girls' School
There are several benefits of attending a girls' school. Your daughter deserves the chance to attend a school where she can be herself. Consider a girls' school.
Forms of Corporal Punishment
Corporal punishment has many forms. Beating, caning, strapping, slapping, cuffing, paddling, spanking, saucing, hitting are some of the more popular ones. Page 4.
How Do I Get Into Private School?
There are several ways you can get into private school. Most people get in by getting high scores on the SSAT/ISEE tests, interviewing well and submitting favorable recommendations from their former school. Some have relatives who attend the school.
Phillips Academy Andover: Admissions Data and...
This profile of Phillips Academy Andover includes admissions data and other information about the school. Phillips Academy Andover was founded in 1778 a few years after Independence by prominent revolutionary family.
The Best Review Books for the ISEE and SSAT
The best review books for private school admissions tests, including the ISEE and SSAT.
5 Mistakes to Avoid in Private School Admissions
Five Mistakes to Avoid in Private School Admissions
5 Strategies to Prepare for the ISEE and SSAT
How to prepare for the ISEE and SSAT, admissions tests to private boarding and day schools.
Top Private School Blogs
Blogs about private schools are an invaluable resource for parents researching private schools. They offer local knowledge and a wealth of experience about private schools and how they operate.
Private School Admissions Tests for Young...
A description of the ERBs, a private school admissions test for young children.
Advice for International Students
An experienced educational consultant offers advice for international students who want to attend U.S. boarding schools.
Essential Gear For Boarding School
The school and your parents will have endless lists of stuff you need to bring to boarding school. Naturally you need what they tell you to bring. But you also have a life. Don't forget your essential gear.
How to Choose a Prep School
Choosing a prep school for your child is a process. We lay out the steps of that process for you and explain how to choose the right school for your child.
School Size Matters
Public schools are discovering something which private schools have known for a long time: small schools are better.
Private Schools in Cleveland, Ohio
A description of private schools in Cleveland, Ohio.
Prep School Scandals
Every school, public or private, has had its share of bad news. How they handle these tough moments is a measure of how competent and sensitive private school administrations really are.
4 Tips About How to Study for Finals
How to prepare for final exams. Private Schools.
Affordable New York City Private Schools
There are some private schools in New York City that are more affordable.
How to Survive Your Admissions Interview
Worried about surviving your admissions interview? Don't worry. Follow these simple steps will help you ace your admissions interview.
Definition of Nonsectarian Schools
What is a nonsectarian school? It is a school which does not adhere to or subscribe to any particular religious belief.
The Reggio Emilia Approach
One of several progressive approaches to early education, Reggio Emilia has become popular with parents seeking a child-centered educational experience.
Running A School
Help and advice for the folks who keep a private school running behind the scenes: the heads, the deans, the business managers and other support staff.
5 Tips for Choosing the Right School
5 essential tips you need to know to choose the right private school for your child.
What Are the Top Boarding Schools Like?
A description of academic and extracurricular life at top boarding schools.
Why Pre-K and Early Education Are So Important
Why pre-school and pre-kindergarten are so important for children.
Georgetown Preparatory School: Admissions Data...
This profile of Georgetown Preparatory School includes admissions data and other information about the school. Georgetown Preparatory School was founded in 1789.
What Is a Waldorf School?
What is the definition of a Waldorf school? By definition a Waldorf school is a school which follows the teachings of Rudolf Steiner.
The SSAT and the ISEE
The SSAT and ISEE are the most widely used private school admissions tests. Here's an overview of the SSAT and ISEE.
The 10 Most Commonly Read Books in Private High...
A description of the ten most commonly read books in independent high schools.
Ranking Canadian Schools
Canadians now can review rankings of private schools in their country. So how come Canadians can have universal health care, legalized marijuana, gay marriages and private school rankings and we Americans can't? Page 2.
The Parent Questionnaire
One of the documents which most schools require you to complete during the application process is the Parent Questionnaire, also known as the Parent Statement.
How Can I Pay for Private School?
When it comes to paying for a private school education, you have several options open to you. The most important advice is simple: always ask. If you need financial aid, ask. If you feel you deserve a discount because you have several children at the school, ask.
Private School Teachers
The Teacher's Guide to Private Schools gathers all the information and facts you need about teaching in a private school into one easy reference guide. We cover everything from finding a job to the technology you will need to use.
Should Corporal Punishment Be Banned?
There are still twenty states which permit beating in their schools. Let's take a look at this issue which has far reaching effects. Corporal punishment is not just a school issue involving students, but is a societal issue involving families and cultures. Page 2.
How to Fill Out the Standard Application to...
A description of each part of the Standard Application to private school and how to fill it out.
Writing a Five-Paragraph Essay
How to produce a good essay for private school classes.
Hazing is demeaning and abusive. It's a practice which pervades our educational system from high school to college. It's a practice which should no longer be tolerated by any school.
Homosexuality And Single Sex Schools
Lurking just below the surface of the single sex schools option is the issue of homosexuality. It's probably not an issue parents think about, but many young boys and girls certainly do. We look at that in detail.
Groton School: Admissions Data and Information
This profile of Groton School includes admissions data and other information about the school. Groton School was founded in 1884 making it a junior member, chronologically speaking, of the highly competitive schools. Located in Groton, Massachusetts, the school enjoys a fine reputation as one of America's top private schools.
3 Things Private Schools Can Do to Diversify...
Private schools say they want to attract black teachers in order to achieve diversity. Yet only 9% of private school faculties are teachers of color. Page 2.
Private Schools in Westchester County, New York
A description of private schools in Westchester County, New York.
What Is A Psycho-Educational Evaluation?
What a psycho-educational evaluation measures and how the process of conducting an evaluation can help a struggling student.
Middlesex School: Admissions Data And Information
This profile of Middlesex School includes admissions data and other information about the school. Middlesex School was founded in 1901.
Starting a Private School
Starting your own school is a dream many of us have had but few of us have actually realized. A private school is a business. It has to be planned like a business, capitalized like a business, marketed like a business and run like a business. Each one of those steps requires expertise and determination.
Montessori Schools
Contact information for Montessori schools in Texas.
The New Teachers' Pets
How having pets in the classroom help children learn.
Toronto Private Schools
The queen city of Canada, Toronto boasts a wide and complete range of education offerings. Some of the finest private high schools in the country can be found here.
What are Rolling Admissions?
Rolling admissions is a term you will encounter at private schools which have no fixed admissions deadline.
Advice About Finding a Private School Teaching...
Advice about how to find a teaching job in a private school.
Top 10 Questions Parents Have About Private...
Most of us parents have lots of questions about private schools. Getting answers to those questions is not easy because there is a lot of misinformation about private schools. Here are the top 10 questions parents ask most often together with some answers to those questions.

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