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Religious Schools


Religious schools keep family values and traditions alive. If religion is a priority in your life, then you more than likely have thought about sending your child to a religious school. We are very lucky in this country because we have so many sectarian schools. They literally cover every sect known. Some schools are very laid back in their practice of religion. Others practice and proclaim their beliefs with the fervor of religious zealots. The choice is yours.

Christian Schools

Memorial Day School, Savannah, Georgia
Photo © Robert Kennedy

The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) has member schools all over the world. Within their membership ranks you will find a variety of curricula and approaches to teaching.

Episcopal Schools

Kent School, Kent Connecticut
Photo © Kent School

Most Episcopal schools belong to The National Association of Episcopal Schools. This umbrella organization provides resources for member schools which are each individually incorporated and managed. Most Episcopal schools offer prekindergarten through 8th grade. Approximately a dozen schools are high schools. Some of those are boarding schools as well.

Jewish Schools

Gauss Campus, Brandeis Hillel Day School
Photo © Brandeis Hillel Day School

Jewish parents who seek a religious education for their children have many options available to them. Most Jewish schools are day schools, the vast majority of which serve students in major metropolitan areas.

Lutheran Schools

Photo © Sam LeVan
Photo © Sam LeVan

Lutheran schools can be found throughout the mid-western states. They generally offer grades from prekindergarten through high school. Most schools are operated by a consortium of local Lutheran congregations.

Muslim Schools

Muslim Student
Peter Dazeley/Getty Images

Despite the reputation for extremism which many Muslim zealots have given their religion, most Muslims are all about peace and devotion to their religious values. Their schools embrace these gentler ideals and offer a solid education from primary grades through high school.

Quaker Schools

Searching for a Book
Dougal Waters/Getty Images

The Religious Society of Friends, or Quakers as they are more commonly known, operate primary and high schools in several parts of the country. Quaker schools are highly regarded for their inclusiveness and concern for diversity in all its forms. Most Quaker schools are day schools located in major urban areas and are independently owned and operated.

Roman Catholic

SS Peter and Paul School
Photo © Robert Kennedy

The Roman Catholic Church has approximately 7,500 schools under its oversight. Jesuits, Franciscans and dozens of other religious orders operate K-12 schools which adhere strictly to their values and principles. Most Roman Catholic dioceses also operate schools within their legal boundaries.

Seventh Day Adventist Schools

Auburn Adventist Academy, Auburn
Photo © Auburn Adventist Academy

Seventh Day Adventists operate several high schools which provide a low cost education as well as a residential experience. Most SDA schools also welcome international students.

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