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Use these pages to find private schools. The data and links are organized by type of school and by location.
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Private Schools on Facebook
Private schools use Facebook to communicate with their alumni and community at home and abroad. It is a powerful tool because it is so interactive. The school can post photos and news of events and happenings. Users can comment on these posts and add their own photos and news. All of this happens quickly and it's easy to use.

Arts Schools
There are just a handful of private schools in the United States which are devoted exclusively to the arts and the performing arts. They combine artistic training with serious academics. One of them might be an option for your child.

Junior Boarding Schools
Junior boarding schools offer distinct advantages for parents and students alike. The self-contained, well-supervised community which junior boarding schools provide allows parents to send their children off to school with maximum peace of mind. The extensive academics, athletic and extracurricular activities will keep a young adolescent safely occupied and stimulated. It's an attractive educatio…

Private Schools Which Twitter
Twitter is the newest form of social media. It has caught on rapidly with private schools. It offers an exciting way for private schools to communicate with their communities. Private school tweets consist of events, sports scores and much more.

Private School Guidebooks
Guidebooks are kind of old fashioned and almost always out of date. Still, like cookbooks, I cannot imagine life without them. These titles are the best of the lot when it comes to researching private schools.

Types of Schools
There are many different types of private schools. Whatever your specific needs and requirements may be, you will find a private school which offers what you are looking for.

Central States Schools
Profiles of private schools in central states with admissions data and information.

Southern Schools
Profiles of private schools in Southern states with admissions data and information.

Western Schools
Profiles of private schools in Western states with admissions data and information.

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