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These books will introduce you to the most commonly used private high school admissions tests: the SSAT and the ISEE. Each book offers plenty of practice at verbal and math skills tests. You will also find lots of insight and test-taking tips. Practice makes the actual test so much less stressful. Get lots of practice before you take the test.

How To Prepare For The SSAT/ISEE

Preparing students for either commonly used private school admissions test is a smart idea. This book offers plenty of practice on all the test components and includes two practice exams for both tests. A very useful tool for private school admissions testing preparation by one of the top producers of the genre.
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Cracking The SSAT & ISEE, 2008

I like having a book in front of me when I am preparing for a test. But you can have it both ways with The Princeton Review. They also offer classes and online test prep options.
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Exambusters SSAT/ISEE Study Cards On CD-ROM (English)

3 x 5 cards are a great way to learn material. Exambusters is one of the best at that kind of study practice.
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Kaplan SSAT & ISEE 2008

Once again I prefer to have a book in front of me while I prepare for the test. But if you need extra help or tutoring, Kaplan's also offers private tutoring and classroom instruction options in major cities.
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Master The SSAT & ISEE 2009

Petersons.com has been writing about private schools since the 1970's. Now they have teamed up with ARCO, a test prep book publisher to bring you an authoritative set of SSAT/ISSE test preparation materials.
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McGraw-Hill's SSAT and ISEE High School Entrance Examinations

McGraw Hill enjoys a fine reputation publishing textbooks. The same high level of production and attention to detail is obvious in this very useful SSAT/ISEE test preparation book.
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