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Linden Hill School: Admissions Data and Information


The School:

  • Acceptance Rate: 62%
  • Location: Northfield, MA
  • Enrollment: 32
  • School Type: Boys, boarding school
  • Grades: 4-9
  • Church Affiliation: Non-sectarian
  • Number of faculty: 14
  • Tuition: $51,800
  • Percentage of students receiving financial aid: 25%
  • Admissions Deadline: Rolling
  • Website: Linden Hill School

Linden Hill School is a junior boarding for boys in grades four through nine diagnosed with language-based learning differences.


70% of Linden Hill School's 14 full time faculty hold advanced degrees. All are specially trained to teach boys with dyslexia.

Being a middle school for boys, the school teaches core subjects with emphasis on reading using the Orton-Gillingham method. The classes are generally ungraded allowing each boy to advance at his own pace in each core subject.


Linden Hill School is located in the scenic village of Northfield, Massachusetts.


The Linden Hill School has a small endowment but nonetheless was able to award financial aid to 25% of its students. The average award was $10,000.


If you have identified that your primary school aged son has a language-based learning difference, the encouraging, nurturing approach offered by Linden Hill School is worth a closer look. The advantage of remediating learning disabilities at a young age is that it lays the foundation for positive learning experiences in adolescence and beyond.

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