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Miss Porter's School: Admissions Data and Information


Miss Porter's School

Miss Porter's School

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The School at a Glance:

  • Acceptance Rate: 47%
  • Location: Farmington, Connecticut
  • Enrollment: 330
  • School Type: Girls, boarding/day school
  • Grades: 9-12
  • Church Affiliation: Non-sectarian
  • Number of faculty: 61
  • Tuition: $41,100 for boarders, $31,850 for day students
  • Percentage of students receiving financial aid: 40%
  • Admissions Deadline: January 15
  • School Website: Miss Porter's School
  • Admissions Office: admission@missporters.org
The school is minutes from Hartford's international airport making it accessible to just about anywhere in the United States and Canada within hours.

A Brief History:

Miss Porter's was founded by a visionary educator, Sarah Porter. She created a school with a homey atmosphere and a rigorous academic curriculum. Young ladies in the late 1800's did not normally study trigonometry, physiology and chemistry. But Miss Porter's pupils did. The result is that Miss Porter's School enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a leader in the education of women.


The course offerings at Miss Porter's are extensive. The school also offers 22 AP courses. 70% of its faculty hold advanced degrees.

The school offers academic courses in the following departments:

  • Arts
  • Computer Science
  • English
  • Ethics/Leadership
  • Languages: Modern and Classical
  • Mathematics[
  • Psychology
  • Science


The Crisp Gymnasium has a two lane indoor track suspended around its perimeter. Squash courts, an 8 lane 25 meter pool, tennis courts and a fitness center are just a sample of the athletic facilities which await you at MPS. The school offers riding and has a ski team as befits its northern Connecticut location.


Miss Porter's has an endowment of approximately $100 million. Its financial aid program is generous with about 40% of its students receiving some form of financial aid.


Miss Porter's prepares its graduates, or ancients as old girls' are called, for serious college level work. Most graduates opt for liberal arts colleges but a few attend specialized colleges as well.


My niece Katherine went to Miss Porter's. So with that disclaimer out of the way, let me observe that Miss Porter's is, and indeed, has always been, a top school. Not just a top girls' school either. A top school period. You will have to look very hard to find a school which has better academics, better sports and, most importantly, a better sense of concern and compassion for the whole child. This school also knows a thing or two about educating young women. Put it on your list if a single sex school is one of your requirements.
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