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St. Paul's School - Admissions Data and Profile for St. Paul's School


Chapel at Saint Paul's School, Concord, NH

Chapel at Saint Paul's School, Concord, NH

Photo © Eddie Cheuk

The School:

  • Acceptance Rate: 22%
  • Location: Concord, New Hampshire
  • Enrollment: 527
  • School Type: Coeducational, boarding school
  • Grades: 9-12
  • Church Affiliation: Episcopal
  • Number of faculty: 100
  • Tuition: $41,300
  • Percentage of students receiving financial aid: 34%
  • Admissions Deadline: January 15
  • Website: St. Paul's School

    St. Paul's School was founded in 1856 by George Cheyne Shattuck, a Boston doctor who turned his New Hampshire country estate into a school for his two sons.

  • A Brief History:

    St. Paul's was established as a school in a country setting by design. It has benefited from that decision over the years as 2000 acres of land has allowed the school to expand at the same time as it has stayed in harmony with its bucolic surroundings. St. Paul's began playing ice hockey back in the 1870's, one of the first schools to do so.

    It remained a boys school until 1971 when girls were admitted. St. Paul's has the distinction of being one of a very few American boarding schools which are fully residential. St. Paul's has no day students.


    As is the case with top prep schools, St. Paul's teachers hold degrees in their primary subject. 74% have advanced degrees in their subject area. The school offers academic courses in 5 divisions:

  • Arts
  • Humanities
  • Languages
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • St. Paul's offers 12 AP courses.


    St. Paul's has a new 95,000 square-foot Athletic and Fitness Center. As well there is a 2000 meter rowing course, 2 hockey rinks, tennis courts and many other splendid facilities. St. Paul's is a member of the Independent School League.

    St. Paul's offers first rate facilities for the arts including a theater, music studios, art studios and more. It also has its own radio station.


    St. Paul's has a large endowment approaching almost half a billion dollars. This allows the school to award financial aid to 34% of its students.


    St. Paul's sends its graduates to all the great universities and colleges at home and abroad including Stanford University, Harvard University, Brown University, University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, Georgetown University, Princeton University, Tufts University, Middlebury College and Trinity College.


    Writing this profile reminded me of a dear McGill University classmate Nancy and I had who went to St. Paul's. Barclay Lex Millar (1943-84) could not say enough good things about his St. Paul's education, in particular the Chapel Organist of time, Channing Lefevre.

    St. Paul's will be a reach for many applicants as it is a very selective school. Its close proximity to Boston will make the school easily accessible from major cities both here and overseas.

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