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How Many Schools Were Founded in the 1700's?


Oldest private schools

West Nottingham Academy -1744

West Nottingham Academy
Question: How Many Schools Were Founded in the 1700's?

In Europe the oldest schools were founded in the middle ages or earlier. Having made that distinction, American private education seems to have developed out of sheer necessity. After all there was nothing to build on. Private schools were founded by determined, persistent, visionary pioneers who understood the intrinsic value of learning.

Answer: 29. They are:

I am grateful to John Yonce who pointed out several omissions on my original list. John is the Director of Porter Sargent Handbooks, a division of Alloy Education. Porter Sargent Handbooks has for many years produced The Handbook of Private Schools. Porter Sargent also publishes The Directory for Exceptional Children, Guide to Summer Camps and Summer Schools and Schools Abroad of Interest to Americans.

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