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Running A School

Resources for Administrators


Help and advice for the folks who keep a private school running behind the scenes: the heads, the deans, the business managers and other support staff.

1. Administrative Technology

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Technology is everywhere - the office, the classroom and the faulty lounge. These resources will help you keep on top of the expense of purchasing the technology you need, implementing and maintaining it. Stay abreast of best practices and the latest innovations.

Technology allows a small school office to do more with less. It just needs to be well-designed and skillfully installed.

2. Consultants & Services

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Think of this page as your virtual Rolodex! Dozens of firms and individuals are eager to help you with every aspect of running your school. Whether you are planning a new building or need help with hiring a new head of school, you will find the contacts you need here.

3. Financial Management

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Whether you are trying to reduce your energy costs or managing your endowment, finances are a never ending source of concern. These resources will give you access to information and ideas which will make your job a bit easier.

4. For Administrators

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Running a school involves careful attention to a whole host of issues, reporting requirements and deadlines. Topics covered here include diversity, fund raising, financial management, school safety, public relations, hiring practices and much more.

5. For Heads Only

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It is lonely at the top. Being a head of school is not like it used to be even a decade ago. There are so many different constituencies to keep happy and moving forward. Sometimes you feel as though you are walking through a minefield with this public relations nightmare lurking on the left and the performance of your capital drive hiding on the right. Add to that a nosy journalist or two and a few disgruntled employees, and it's enough to make you wish you had never left the classroom. Fear not! Help is at hand! These resources will help you deal with the many and varied items on your plate.

6. Professional Associations

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Staying in touch, keeping your network current and developing new contacts is all part of a busy administrator's work. These resources enable you to find the help and advice you need to run your school efficiently.

7. Suppliers

Finding goods and services at prices your school can afford is every business manager's constant mission. The demands on your financial resources are never ending. This virtual Rolodex will help keep that aspect of your job organized.

8. Sustainable Schools

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A sustainable school is much more than a 'green' school. It involves basic questions about marketing and where your customer base comes from as well. Find the resources and ideas you need to create a community which respects our finite resources.

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