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Here are 10 good books covering a wide range of subjects related to your child's schooling.

Becoming a Multiple Intelligences School

by Thomas Hoerr. ISBN: 0871203650

Understanding the concept of multiple intelligences is something every parent of school age children needs to grapple with. Dr. Howard Gardner, a Harvard professor, developed the theory in 1883. Thomas Hoerr details some of the things you need to have to be a multiple intelligences school.

Best Friends, Worst Enemies

by Michael Thompson et al. ISBN: 034544289X

You may think you are enlightened and observant when it comes to bullying. Unfortunately bullying no longer occurs exclusively in the playground. Child therapist Michael Thompson guides parents through the phases of childhood. You too can be a lifeguard as you watch your child swim through life.

Black Ice

by Lorene Cary ISBN: 0679737456

Lorene Cary was the first African-American female student admitted to historic St. Paul's School in New Hampshire back in the '70s. Her story of adjusting from West Philadelphia to the quite different world of one of America's top boarding schools is beautifully written.

The Case Against Standardized Testing: Raising the Scores

by Alfie Kohn. ISBN: 0325003254

Parents who send their children to Montessori, Waldorf or progressive schools will find vindication for their opinions and ideas in Kohn's book.

Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most

By Douglas F. Stone, Sheila Heen, Bruce Patton ISBN: 014028852X

I have referred to this book time and again. It is full of practical advice and tips for dealing with people of all ages and in all situations.

Lessons from Privilege: The American Prep School Tradition

by Arthur G. Powell ISBN: 0674525531

Public education can learn a few things from private schools. Powell points out that tradition and a sense of community are two features which might be worth replicating.

Oh, What a Web We Weave; Computer Technology in Secondary Schools

by Tim Hillman(Editor), Craig, IV Thorn (Editor) ISBN: 0962767158

Tim Hillman has taught in private schools most of his life. He is one of those few people I count as a friend. This little tome is full of pithy observations and some good notions.


by Curtis Sittenfeld ISBN: 1400062314

If Lorene Cary's 1970 novel Black Ice set the pace for telling how it feels to come from a modest home to study at a top prep school, then Curtis Sittenfeld's novel kicks it up a notch. I couldn't put this New York Times best seller down.

Real Boys: Rescuing Our Sons from the Myths of Boyhood

by William Pollack ISBN: 0805061835

I bought and read William Pollock's book after I had raised my two sons. He vindicated much of what I had done and made me go back and revisit some things I ought to have done better. If you have sons and grandsons, you need to read this expert's advice.

Where Girls Come First

by Ilana Debare 9781585422890

It's not often that I get to correspond with somebody who has started a new school who also writes about the experience. Most of the time I have to extract the details from the school builder. Not so with Ilana Debare. She wrote a fine book about the girls' school she co-founded in Oakland. If you are thinking about starting your own school, this is required reading.

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