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The Different Types of Private Schools


North Raleigh Country Day School

North Raleigh Country Day School

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The 29,000 private schools in the U.S. include many different kinds of private schools. What are the differences? Are there similarities in the way they are governed and managed?

Types of Private Schools

The Difference Between a Private and an Independent School
It's a matter of governance and funding. That's the difference in a nutshell. Independent schools are usually just that: independent financially and from a management perspective.

Boarding Schools
Boarding is defined as food and lodging. Boarding schools are residential schools where the students both live and eat.

Classical Christian Schools
A Christian school is one which adheres to Christian teachings. A classical Christian school uses a traditional curriculum including rhetoric.

Country Day Schools
The term country day school conjures up visions of a lovely school setting on the edge of a field or woods somewhere. That's the idea.

Special Needs Schools
Special needs schools cover a wide range of learning disabilities including ADD/ADHD, dyslexia and other learning syndromes. They have the specially trained and certificated staff necessary to teach children with learning disabilities.

Military Schools
There are over 30 private military schools in the United States. If your son or daughter dreams of a military career, then you ought to consider these fine schools seriously.

Montessori Schools
Montessori schools follow the teachings and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori.

Waldorf Schools
Rudolf Steiner invented Waldorf schools. Their style of teaching and the curriculum are unique.

Religious Schools
Many parents want their children to be educated in a school where their religious beliefs are a focal point rather than just an add-on. There are plenty of schools to accommodate every religious requirement.

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