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So your parents have sent you off to private school. New classmates, new community, new teachers - everything's new. And, if you are boarding, you even have a new room and more than likely a roommate to cope with. Fear not! You will do just fine. Here is some encouragement and help with making all those adjustments. Good luck!
  1. Private School Life (50)

Books About Private Schools
Books about or set in private schools. Selected with educators, parents and students in mind. Some like The Catcher in the Rye are classics. Others such as Black Ice and Prep will become classics.

Cutting is a form of self-injury which is not very common. It is, however, a cry for attention.

Depression and Teen Suicide
One of the leading causes of teen suicide is depression. There are many reasons why. More here.

DVD's About Private Schools
Ok, some of these movies are horrible. But others like Dead Poets Society are excellent. Almost all of these will give you a look inside private schools, fictitious though those schools may be.

Essential Gear For Boarding School
The school and your parents will have endless lists of stuff you need to bring to boarding school. Naturally you need what they tell you to bring. But you also have a life. Don't forget your essential gear.

Hazing: Some Students' Experiences
Students have to speak up and tell an adult when they see or hear of any form of hazing. It's that simple. Only YOU can end hazing.

The PG Year
Need a little time to develop your expertise in sports or academics? Just want a year off before you head off to college? Then consider a PG year.

The Student's Guide to Private Schools
Ever wondered what private school life is really like? You know, the real thing, not the version your parents and other adults always talk about?

What Is AP?
What is AP? AP or Advanced Placement is a term which describes courses leading to examinations in your senior year. A high score in these examinations generally guarantees advanced placement in college. This means that you can skip many freshman or entry level courses and enroll in second year college courses.

Which Grade Scale Is Most Commonly Used?
Grade scales can vary from school to school. Which grading scale seems to be the most commonly used in private schools?

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