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The Many Faces of Teen Substance Abuse

Teen Substance Abuse - Marijuana


The Many Faces of Teen Substance Abuse


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Nearly 45% Of High School Students Try Marijuana

Fact: Nearly 45% of U.S. teenagers try marijuana before finishing high school. Source: NIDA Infofacts: High School and Youth Trends.

I have heard it all. "Marijuana is harmless." "It doesn't give you a hang-over." "It is no worse than smoking tobacco." Well, listen up! THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient in marijuana, is a nasty piece of work. Apart from producing a high, it has absolutely no positive benefit for you. My advice is simple: get the high you crave from some other 'safe' substance or activity. You certainly don't need THC messing up your system.

Marijuana has many cool, seductive names including pot, herb, weed, grass, widow, ganja, hash, St. Nicholas weed and skunk. Read Mind Over Matter. Then you will understand how really uncool marijuana is.

Marijuana Use Is Not Healthy

Marijuana contributes to respiratory diseases. Coupled with smoking, it exacerbates any pre-existing conditions and actually increases the likelihood of the user developing lung diseases and respiratory tract infections.

THC compromises the immune system leaving the user liable for some infections which he might otherwise be able to fight off.

Marijuana use is addictive.

Private School Students Smoke Pot Too

Don't think that because you have sent your daughter to a private school that somehow she is insulated from drug use. She will be exposed to it somewhere along the line. Be very clear and upfront with her: if she is caught smoking marijuana or doing any kind of substance abuse on school property, she is probably going to be asked to leave the school. It will be a serious blot on her school records.

Every private school has a code of conduct which students sign at the time of admission to the school. Substance abuse is strictly forbidden and grounds for expulsion in most instances.

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