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We parents only want the best for our children. With that in mind here is some advice, help and encouragement for parents of current and future private school students.
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Are You Disappointed with Your School?
If your child is unhappy at school or having problems, blaming the school is not the answer. Schedule a conference and listen to what the school has to say. Then you will be in a better position to decide what to do.

Dad! I Want to Come Home!
Homesickness is common when children go off to boarding school. It's not easy speaking with an unhappy child when he's hundreds of miles away. Here are several things you should and should not do when you discover that your child is homesick.

Mom! I Missed My Flight!
Your child's on her way home from school when she calls and says she's missed her flight. Here's how to prepare for those inevitable travel nightmares.

What Do I Do About...?
You have questions, comments and concerns. Perhaps you are upset that your child didn't get into a particular school. Maybe you lost your job and can't pay the tuition. Here are some emails from readers and my responses to them.

What's Being Taught?
What's being taught in the school and how it's being taught is something every parent wants to know. After all that's what you are paying for: quality teaching. Private schools have many different approaches to teaching. The emphasis on what is taught also varies from school to school. That's why it's more important to find a school whose philosophy matches yours than to look for the school which…

Why Do I Have to Wear That?
Private schools have had uniforms and dress codes for generations. We explore the pros and cons of uniforms and dress codes as well as their history.

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