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Private School Tuition Loans

Low Cost Payment Solutions


Paying for it

Pay for it

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If you have assets and the cash flow to take out a loan, consult your financial adviser to see if that is a viable option. Lenders who make loans specifically for private K-12 schools include:

  • Act Education Loans
    The Act K-12 Education Loan program is part of the Student Loan Network. ACT caters to the needs of the K-12 school loan market.
  • HES
    Higher Education Services offers loans for K-12 private school tuition. Consult your school's financial aid officer for details.
  • Key Bank: AchieverLoan for Prep Schools
    Key Bank offers loans tailored to the specific needs of private school parents.
  • Sallie Mae K-12 Loans
    Sallie Mae’s K-12 Family Education Loan is specifically designed to cover K-12 education costs.
  • Your Tuition Solution™
    Your Tuition Solution offers low interest rate loans to help you cover private K-12 tuition bills and other school expenses.

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