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Looking for a job in a private school? Curious about salaries? Want to sign with an agency? Dusting off your resume? Here are some answers to your questions about finding a private school position. Be warned! This is not something you begin at the last minute. Plan your moves well in advance and keep on top of the details. The prize will be yours.

Submit Your Own Employment Wanted Ad

Advertise your availability (anonymously, of course) on Positions Wanted, our page which lists jobs teachers and administrators are looking for.

Teaching Jobs Wanted

Education professionals seeking employment.

Be an Apprentice Teacher

Are you about to graduate from college? Are you thinking that teaching is something you want to do but don't have a teacher's certificate or teacher training? Then you ought to explore the possibilities of being a teaching fellow or apprentice at a private school.

Becoming a Teacher Later in Life

Tired of the corporate grind? Want to make a difference? Enjoy shaping young minds and lives? These are just some of the many reasons why skilled, experienced people in all walks of life leave their employment and become teachers in mid-career. I know. I did it. It was one of the best things I ever did.

Do I Have to Be Certified?

Is it a legal requirement for a teacher in a private school to be certified? It depends on the state. Some states require private school teachers to be certified. Many schools take their lead from the state education board's requirements. They reason that their faculty should have the same or better credentials as public school teachers. Still other private schools prefer really strong credentials in the subject area, placing less importance initially on the teacher training. They usually prefer to train their teachers themselves.

Finding a Private School Teaching Job

Finding THE PERFECT JOB is a daunting task. Here are ten tips to make the process a bit easier. Good luck!

Headmasters' Compensation

Which headmaster is paid the most? Like most things, it depends. Cash salary is just one component in most headmasters' compensation packages.

Job Boards

Dozens of state, regional and national associations now have job boards listing vacancies at their member schools. Observe application deadlines.

Making Yourself Marketable

The savvy teacher will find out what the job market wants and make sure his skills and experience are a match. Here are three things you can do to make yourself more marketable.

Teaching Overseas

Teaching overseas is a richly rewarding experience. Do it if you can! Here are three reasons why you should.
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