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Educational Consultants

Educational consultants in North America.

Abacus Guide
"Abacus Guide is New York City's most exclusive and prestigious service solely dedicated to helping students choose and apply to New York City and greater New York area schools."

Academic Answers
"Academic Answers provides comprehensive educational consulting services for students and parents seeking information and access to schools and alternative educational arrangements."

"The founders of AdmissionsQuest are dedicated to providing parents, students, and school admissions professionals with a unique combination of Internet-based information and expertise along with personal service and support. Our goal is to help each and every student client find the best possible private school match."

Association of Educators in Private Practice
"AEPP is an association of enterprising educators providing teaching and learning services to youth and adults and a wide array of public and private organizations."

Bernice W. Munsey, Ed.D., CEC
Licensed Professional Counselor. Educational Testing: intelligence, achievement, Independent Test enter for SSAT and ISEE.

College Match
College Match provides private education planning services to families and students considering college, boarding schools, and day schools from offices in San Francisco, Seattle, Portland (Oregon) New York City and Los Angeles and Phoenix.

Cornelia Nicholson, Educational Consultant
"25 years as a college counselor and educational consultant."

"EdTherapy.com is an Internet resource for anyone involved with the educational planning of students with and without learning disabilities. The site is operated and maintained independently by Dan Leibowitz in San Francisco, California."

Educational Consultants.com
A comprehensive service for those looking for help with all aspects of private school education.

Educational Directions Incorporated
The Blue Sheet and The Green Sheet: EDI publishes two monthly executive search reports that offer abbreviated summaries—for US independent schools only—of the information provided in EDI Search. Subscribers may elect to receive these reports in addition to having access to the full information in EDI Search.

Educational Edge, Inc.
Educational and academic consulting for students with special talents(athletics, music, art, theater, etc) for college and prep school selection and application process. Also, guidance on how to develop that special "edge" to enrich your life and the application process.

Educational Planning and Counselling Services
"Educational Planning and Counseling Services is a private educational consulting service for college placement, boarding school placement and special needs students. Our services are agreed by the student or parent to assist in the placement of students in these settings. We provide individual services which are not provided at the school guidance level."

"EDUFAX provides individualized counseling for educational placement from pre-school through graduate school, for re-entry and adult learners, and for the American and international student."

"Public Information Resources Inc. specializes in strategic marketing, public relations and media relations for schools, colleges and educational organizations."

Greenwood Associates Inc.
Services for adults, college students, high school students, and, of course, for those interesting in finding the right private school.

Halliday Education Group
"Experienced private school consultant who helps leaders of Private and Independent Schools and Non Profits measurably improve their organization - They also can help you start a school."

Independent Educational Consultants Association
A consultant has easy access to valuable information about the current status of schools. That's his or her business!

Kahn Educational Group, LLC
Lindy Kahn, Certified Educational Planner, advises families on day schools, boarding schools, college guidance, summer enrichment, post-secondary options, and schools for students with learning disabilities or special needs. She also specializes in placing students in therapeutic schools, wilderness programs, and residential treatment centers.

Leslie Goldberg
A certified and highly experienced consultant providing educational options for average, gifted, LD/ADD, special needs and troubled students.

Manhattan Private School Advisors
"If you're reading this website you have taken the first critical step. Now you are on the beginning of the road to learning what your compeition -- the parents we work with -- know already about school admissions in New York. And that is not only what it takes to find your child the right place at the right school but how to do it with a minimum of stress and a maximum of efficiency."

McCLure, Mallory and Baron
"As educational counselors we endeavor to help you identify the best educational options for your child. Selecting a school that will offer both the academic and social climate uniquely suited to your child’s needs is a complex process."

McGinty Consulting Group
"Our educational consultants bring long-standing expertise in school counseling, admissions counseling, and admissions training to our work with families, individuals, and institutions."

Murphy Educational Consulting
"Since 1993, Murphy Educational Consulting has been committed to facilitating a match between a student and his/her future school. A combination of specific training and experience in the field allows Ms. Murphy to recommend colleges (or schools) best suited to the strengths and interests of the student."

Places for Struggling Teens
"A resource for parents & professionals trying to help at-risk teenagers. Online since 1995."

The Parents League of New York
"Parent's League advisors provide members with a 'place to start' in their search for the right school for their child and acquaint them with the many varied options available."

The School Counselling Group Inc.
"deals with such topics as the underachieving student, the differences between public and private schools, how to negotiate the maze of school applications, and where to turn if you discover that your child has some special needs."

School Solution
"The School Solution provides consultation and placement services for families with a student who is struggling in his or her current academic environment. While a wide variety of schools and programs exist, finding the best environment to address your child’s individual needs can be daunting."

Since 1936 a leader in the educational consulting field.

What Do Educational Consultants Do?
An interview with educational consultant Howard Greene.

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