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Canadian Schools

Most Canadian private schools are concentrated in major metropolitan areas close to the U.S.-Canadian border making them easy to access. Canadian schools prepare graduates for admission to colleges and universities worldwide using curricula and testing are similar to those found in American schools. Use the links below to explore schools virtually.
  1. Ontario (75)
  2. Western Provinces (19)
  3. Quebec (20)
  4. Maritime Provinces (10)

Canadian Schools
Profiles of private schools in Canada with admissions data and information.

Canadian Private School Finder
Find schools quickly by pointing at the province which in turn will take you to a list of schools.

Canadian Private Schools in a Minute
An overview of Canadian private schools in brief.

Ranking Canadian Schools
The Fraser Institute has done the job for us. The research is detailed but will yield the answers you need.

A Visitor's Guide to Canada
From the Yukon to Prince Edward Island, if you're planning on visiting Canada, visit our Guide first for in-depth travel advice resources.

What Are Some of the Myths About Canadian Schools?
Some people think that Canadian schools teach a special curriculum which is not understood in or transferable to the U.S. Not exactly.

Canadian Association of Independent Schools
CAIS is a trade association of independent and private schools in Canada. It is roughly equivalent to NAIS in the U.S.

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