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Getting Into a School


Getting into a private school takes some effort and attention to the details. We'll help you with the admissions process, including submitting your applications, admissions testing, interviews and what to do if you are wait-listed.
  1. Choosing a School
  2. Getting Into a School
  3. Interviews and Visits
  4. The Applications Process
  5. Testing

Choosing a School

Choosing a School

How do you know which school is right for you? Are your grades good enough to get? What's their hockey program like? These and many other considerations will be on your plate as you try to decide which school is right for you. We'll take you step by step through the process of choosing the right school.

Getting Into a School

Working together

There are many steps to getting into a private school. But what's really important to remember is that they just want to get to know you and your child. Good grades and test scores are only part of what they look at. How you will fit into the school community is a major focus of the interviews.

Interviews and Visits

The Interview

The video tour and catalogs can't tell you the whole story. You need to visit the school and experience it. The admissions staff want to get to know you. That's why an interview is so important. Most schools will insist on it.

The Applications Process

Filling Out Forms

The applications process consists of the actual application (either online or traditional paper), teacher references, school transcripts, parents' questionnaire and writing sample.



Admissions testing is part of most private school admissions processes. The school needs to assess your preparation for some serious academic work. Standardized testing allows them to do that objectively.

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