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Time Line for the School Search Process

September's Tasks


Choosing a School

Choosing a School

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There are many tasks to be done in September as part of the process of choosing a school. Including this month you have less than five months before your applications are due. Much remains to be done.

1. Register for SSAT, ISEE, or other testing.

Don't leave this task until the last minute. Late registration is more expensive. You will not have as many test center options either.

2. Complete visits and interviews.

Visiting schools takes time and energy. There are only about 15 weekends left in the year after you exclude Thanksgiving and Christmas. Don't delay.

3. Arrange SSAT/ISEE test preparation.

Whether you are arranging tutoring or buying test preparation materials, you need to get this task done early in September. The more practice taking those standardized admissions tests your child has, the better equipped he will be to sit the test when that time comes.

4. Review admissions materials.

Review the applications materials which you either downloaded or ordered from the schools. In particular print out the Parent's Statement and the Candidate's Statement and begin completing those important documents. Make a list of any copies of documents and other items which you must include with the completed application.

5. Complete teacher references.

Give the teachers who are writing references for your child the teacher's reference envelope and questionnaire which came with the applications package. Check back in a week and collect these. Be sure to put a stamp on the return envelope. Teachers complete dozens of references. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated.

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