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Filling Out Forms

Filling Out Forms

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The Purpose of the Parent Questionnaire

One of the documents which most schools require you to complete during the application process is the Parent Questionnaire, also known as the Parent Statement. The rationale for this series of questions is that you know your child better than any teacher or counselor. Your answers should help the admissions staff get to know your child better.

Answer the Questions Truthfully

Some of the questions are very personal and probing. Be careful not to dissemble or avoid the facts. For example, when the school asks you to describe your child's character and personality, you need to do so succinctly yet honestly. If your child has been expelled or failed a year, you must address the issue forthrightly and honestly.

Make a Rough Draft of Your Answers

Always print out a copy of the questionnaire. On a separate sheet of paper, write a rough draft of your answers to each question. Edit for coherence and clarity. Then put the document aside for twenty-four hours.

Look at it again a day or so later. Ask yourself how your answers will be interpreted by the admissions staff who do not know your child as you do. Have a trusted adviser or your educational consultant review your answers. Then make a fair copy of the questionnaire and submit along with the other documents.

Write Your Own Answers

Do not underestimate the importance of the Parent Questionnaire. Something which you say in your answers will resonate with the admissions staff. Your answers might even tip the scale in your child's favor. Take plenty of time to craft thoughtful, considered answers.

Do not have an assistant answer these questions. Even if you are a very busy CEO, this is your child's future at stake. Things are not like they used to be decades ago when perhaps the mere fact that you were an important person would suffice to get your child admitted. The school will want to see evidence that you personally have tended to this questionnaire. It is one more indication to the school that you are a committed and involved partner with the school in your child's education.


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