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Here is help, advice and guidance with the private schools admissions process. Topics covered include the admissions applications, admissions testing, tutoring, admissions interviews and organizing the process.
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Admissions Guide
You need an Admissions Guide to Private Schools to navigate through the process.

Admissions Legacies in Private Schools
Legacies is a term which refers to applicants whose close relatives currently attend or have attended the same school.

How Do I Get Into a Private School?
Offer everything the school is looking for and then some.

Timeline for the Private School Search Process
May is the ideal time to begin the private school search process. Starting in May gives you ample time to complete everything which needs to be done by the typical admissions deadline of February 1.

Was Your Child's Application Rejected?
Was your child's application rejected? If so, what are your options now?

What Do You Do When Your Child Is Wait Listed?
Don't panic! Relax! If you have been working with an educational consultant, you will have several options available to you.

What Is Rolling Admissions?
Rolling admissions is a term you will encounter at private schools which have no fixed admissions deadline.

The Writing Sample
A writing sample or essay is an important part of the admissions process to any institution. Here is how to approach it.

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