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Pay for School


Paying for private school can be a real challenge for most of us. Fortunately most private schools offer generous financial aid programs. There are several other options open to you as well.
  1. Financial Aid
  2. Free Schools, Scholarships and Vouchers
  3. Payment Options

Financial Aid

Heather Foley

Every school will offer some form of financial aid. Financial aid is usually need-based. You should file a financial aid request form as early as you can in the admissions process in order to be considered for financial aid.

Free Schools, Scholarships and Vouchers

Girard College

Thanks to the generosity of a couple of visionary benefactors several private schools offer a tuition free education. There are also community-based organizations which raise money for pruvate school scholarships.

Payment Options

Paying for it

Private schools offer several payment options. Most schools also subscribe to a tuition payment service which allows you spread your tuition bill over equal monthly instalments.

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