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Private School Basic Information

Private schools have been a part of American culture and society since the birth of the nation. Here are the facts and data you need to understand how private education started, where it has been and where it is going.

10 Facts About Military Schools
If you are looking at military schools, here is the data and information which the schools want you to know.

10 Facts About Private Schools
Here are 10 facts about private schools which the schools want parents to know. If you are considering sending your child to private school, this data and information will answer some of the important questions.

10 Myths About Private Schools
Plenty of myths and misconceptions about private schools are out there. Here's the truth.

10 Questions About Schools
Here are the questions parents ask most often about private schools.

Are Private Schools Elitist?
At one time they were. Diversity rules in private schools in the 21st century.

China Exchange Program at New Hampton School
Students from New Hampton School traveled to China in November 2009. We asked a few questions about the trip with the idea of encouraging other schools to arrange similar trips.

Inside Private Schools
Inside Private Schools examines the history and workings of private schools.

A Parent's Guide to Private Schools
An inside look at private schools and what they are really like.

Prep School Scandals
Every school, public or private, has had its share of unpleasant news, or what the tabloids call scandals.

Private School Handbooks
The private school handbook covers the day to day rules, policies and procedures which you and your child must adhere to while part of the school community.

Private School News
A mash of sports, news, events and more from Twitter and other sources. Updated daily.

Private Schools in a Minute
Think of Private Schools in a Minute as a snapshot of private schools. It gives you facts and stats at a glance.

Private vs Public Schools
Parents want to know more about the differences and similarities between private and public schools.

A Student's Guide to Private Schools
Ever wondered what private school life is really like? You know, the real thing, not the version your parents and other adults always talk about? This guide gives you a peek into what really goes on.

A Teacher's Guide to Private Schools
Teaching has always enjoyed an enviable position as a career choice. Teachers are generally well-respected. Indeed nowhere is this truer than in a private school.

Top Private School Blogs
Blogs about private schools are an invaluable resource for parents researching private schools. They offer local knowledge and a wealth of experience about private schools and how they operate.

Why Private School?
Here are five reasons why sending your child to a private high school might be an idea worth a closer look.

What Are the Top Boarding Schools Like?
A description of academic and extracurricular life at top boarding schools.

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