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Blythe Grossberg

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Blythe Grossberg, Psy.D., has over a decade of experience working with students, parents, and administrators at private schools.


Formerly the Upper School learning specialist at the Collegiate School in New York City, Dr. Grossberg runs a private practice to help students succeed at competitive private schools. She is a consultant to Brooklyn Letters and Themba Tutors. She is the author of Making ADD Work, Test Success:Test-Taking and Study Strategies for All Students, Including those with ADD and LD, Applying to College for Students with ADD and LD, and Asperger's Rules: How to Make Sense of Friends and School .


Dr. Grossberg received an undergraduate degree magna cum laude in History and Literature from Harvard College and a doctoral degree in organizational psychology from Rutgers University.

By Blythe Grossberg:

I started my career with a two-year investigation into how adults with ADHD can be successful in the workplace. My book, Making ADD Work, was prefaced by former JetBlue Airways CEO David Neeleman. Working on this book made me realize that people with ADHD and other learning issues can be very successful. My goal is to help students of all kinds succeed in school and to help parents find a school that brings out the best in their children.

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