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October 01, 2003

Private Schools Blog Archives
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The Best Schools in British Columbia

The best private schools in British Columbia, Canada, in the opinion of your About.com Guide. The Fraser Institute rankings are good enough for me. Listing is alphabetical as these schools are tied for first place according to the FI. What a nice selection for parents!
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Jewish Schools

Thinking about giving your child a Jewish education? Not sure which school to choose? With over 8,000 schools in the United States there's bound to be a suitable school near you.
What are the advantages of a Jewish education? Check out the Jewish Education Network site for some thoughts on the subject. Shalom.
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Do You Skype?

Before you click on the link, hang in there with me. Skype is a free Voice over IP telephony program. It came out a few weeks ago. The same folks who brought you KaZaa (ugh!) created this marvel.
Now why am I excited about this? Well, I am a techno-geek. But I also have friends all over the country/world and my long distance bills look like the national debt.
The voice quality is excellent. The installation is easy. The interface is familiar - looks like IM. And, best of all, Skype is P2P, meaning it doesn't use a central server to store information like AOL chat or ICQ.
A great way for you to call London from Seattle and chat for as long as you wish without paying exorbitant long distance charges. Let me know what you think.
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Military Schools

Rigorous discipline plus solid academics at these schools.
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Networking Your School

String cable or go wireless? WANS and LANS. Whether it's time to network your school for the first time or you are planning an upgrade, I have some links which will make the project a little less daunting.
And be sure to check out About's Guide to Wireless/Networking. Great resources.
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Estonian Schools

Several schools to choose from.
Did you know that the Estonian capital Tallinn is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe? As the Estonian tourism site says "It's positively transforming!"
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Dutch Schools

One of the reasons why the United States' reputation has suffered abroad is that we don't take the time to really get to know other cultures. That's the reason why I have invested much time in setting up these European Schools Online pages. I want you to get online and visit schools in other countries. Experience them. You will be amazed at the differences and the commonalities.
The Netherlands offers a rich selection of international schools because it has a large expatriate population. Holland is a wonderful tourist destination too. Enjoy!
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Schools in the United Kingdom

Many of our most famous American private schools were patterned after English public schools. Take a look at some of these Web sites. (Yes, there is gorgeous scenery and fabulous ancient architecture!)
Looking for an English boarding school? Check out the Boarding Schools Association site.
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Learn While You Sing

Parents of gifted children face some difficult choices. For example, do you send your 12 year old who plays a Beethoven piano concerto to a 'normal' school? Or do you seek out an arts related school where the performance emphasis and support are givens?
Part of the answer is to seek advice. Seek it from impartial professionals as well as from people you know and trust. Sift through the answers. Find out what your child wants.
Here's a list of arts schools for your perusal.
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Kazakhstani Schools Online

Kazak-who? Ok! So Kazakhstan is not exactly a country most Americans are familiar with. Nonetheless it has several international schools. Check them out.
The desolate countryside still looks the way it did when Gengis Khan passed through a few centuries ago. If you are looking for somewhere that's unspoiled and off the beaten track, maybe Kazakhstan is for you.
InfoHub, a specialty travel guide, has some tourist packages you might want to check out.
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Hungarian Schools

Relax! Don't worry about finding a good school in Hungary. There are several to choose from.
Relax! Enjoy the thermal spas while you are there.
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High School Hazing

It's appalling. It's barbaric. It's evil. It's hazing.
The recent hazing incident at Mepham High School prompts us all to be more aware and even more vigilant. Practices like hazing and corporal punishment simply must be wiped out.
That's my opinion. What do you think?
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